Brian Samson has shot at the top level of both Field Target & Hunter Field Target for many years and in 2014 he became the Spring Rifle Field Target Wold Champion.

Along with his partner Leanne, Brian now owns & manages Doncaster Airgun Range.

Brian has written many articles about target shooting and below there are a number of them that will help you to understand how Hunter Field Target works, what you need, how to set your kit up and how to move from "Novice to Ninja".


Click through the articles below in order, from top to bottom, to get the best from Brian's excellent work.

What is HFT?

How to set up a scope for HFT

Breathing, trigger control and follow through

Rested prone position

Zeroing your rifle for all ranges

Basic range finding in HFT

HFT range finding and scope parallax

Entering an HFT competition